i hold with those who favor fire.

The brave may not live long, but the careful do not live at all.

I'm a fan of the rare and endangered species of genuine people.

some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. From what I've tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire.
my face.

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let's get personal, pt. 2
 1. Something you've never told anyone before, in five words or less.
 2. A hidden talent you have.
 3. The last book you read.
 4. The last song you sang your heart out to in the car.
 5. An accomplishment you're most proud of.
 6. Someone you miss.
 7. Someone you love.
 8. Something you regret.
 9. What you wish you could say to someone but never will.
 10. Favourite place in the world.
 11. Place you want to travel to the most.
 12. Ever swam with sharks?
 13. Gotten so drunk you blacked out?
 14. Hooked up with someone you don't know?
 15. Smoked pot?
 16. Gone to a screamo show?
 17. Skinny dipped?
 18. Been heartbroken?
 19. Are you in love?
 20. Something you want to do before you finish high school.
 21. The celebrity you want to marry.
 22. Failed a test because... fuck it?
 23. Knowing you hurt someone with a choice, but making it anyways?
 24. Cheated on anyone?
 25. Do you believe in Santa?
 26. How about the easter bunny?.... come on. Be honest.
 27. Ever put your heart on your sleeve?
 28. Have you ever been publicly humiliated?
 29. Has anyone ever broken your trust in an irrevocable way?
 30. Have you ever publicly humiliated someone else?
 31. Have you ever done a polar bear swim?
 32. Ever gotten on a bus and didn't care where it went?
 33. Do you want to move out?
 34. Where do you want to travel to the most?
 35. If you could reverse time and change only ONE incident, what would you change, and when?
 36. Would you have the guts to tell the person you like that you like them? (To their face, Facebook and texting/calling don't count.)
 37. Would you rather be famous and always be in the public eye or be humble and an average person with private space?
 38. What is your biggest fear?
 39. Biggest pet peeve?
 40. Most embarrassing moment in the past month?
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